A race like no other!

Don’t go it alone!

This event is designed for you and your friends to race together.

Registration now open!

Join us on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

A great new event in Lexington, KY









How it works

What… a team marathon?  Yep, a great new team concept. Get 3 friends together because this race is all about teams. The marathon is 16 laps.  Each person on the team will run 4 laps or approximately 6.5 miles.  You get to go to work on Monday and tell everyone you ran a marathon (just leave out it was a relay).  Hey if you are crazy enough to do this race all by yourself we won’t stop you.  The course is certified so it is a Boston Qualifier.  If you’re a loner and don’t have 3 friends then convince your cousin to do it with you because we have a 2 person division as well.  And, for those with lots of friends, we have a 5-8 person  teams…so there is something for everyone!

Tent City

The race centers around athlete village or tent city – a transition area where participants, friends and family mingle with the spectators, sponsors, volunteers and entertainment. Since the marathon is a relay, only one team-participant competes at a time. The other team members hang out, relax, prepare for their leg of the race or cheer on their teammate, while being surrounded by fans and spectators! The loop course provides a great opportunity to see several points of the course and be close to the action.

Pick your category

We have a category for every team. Our four person teams can register in the following categories.

  • Chippendales (All Mens Team)
  • Senoritas (All Female Team)
  • Chicks n Dudes (Coed)
  • Young Punks (total combined age under 80 yrs) – Can be all male, female or coed
  • Geezers All Men (combined age over 170 yrs)
  • Geezers All Female (combined age over 170 yrs)
  • Geezers Coed (combined age over 170 yrs)
  • Super Geezers (combined age over 210 yrs) – Can be all male, female or coed
  • Rolling Thunder/Clydesdale (combined weight of 800 lbs) – Can be all male, female or coed


Registration is now open

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  • Thanks for racing today! We hope to see you at
  • If you need to pick up your packet please come
  • FROZEN RAILS 5K COURSE Simple out and back with 170
  • Come out to Midway Christian Church from 13 today for
  • Kick off the new year with a 5k in Midway!!!
  • Packet pick up will be Saturday from 1012 johnsrunwalkshop! You
  • Super soft Unisex Frozen rails 5k shirts are ready for
  • Prepping the age group awards for the Frozen Rails 5k

Event sponsored and organized by racerise.com